Jeg har glædet mig rigtig meget til at introducere dig for Caroline. Caroline er en svensk oprydningsekspert, som skiftevis bor i USA og Sverige. Hun har specialiseret sig i digitalt rod, og har en fantastisk blog, som jeg troligt følger.
Vil du gerne lære hvordan du får sorteret og ryddet op i dine fotografier så er Caroline en af de dygtigste undervisere jeg kender.
Dette blogindlæg er skrevet på engelsk, det samme er Caroline´s hjemmeside.

Kærligst Kamille


Improve your health with organizing

Getting organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. If you’re one of the lucky people who has already discovered the truth in that statement, I’m sure you’ll nod your head in agreement.

In fact, having an organized home often leads to improved health and a better quality of life overall. It reduces stress and anxiety when you know where things are, and you don’t have to search for them. Organization and predictability stabilizes you life and lets you enjoy it more. Who wouldn’t want that? No wonder it’s catching on!

But organizing isn’t just for closets anymore. Oh no. That’s just one niche, though perhaps the most famous one. Many different areas of your life can benefit from a little organization, including my niche – your memories. If you think about it, you might not even have realized that they need organizing. Right? Your photo collection is often the most overlooked, most important organizing project you’ll ever take on.

When was the last time you wrote something on the back of a printed photo? I bet it’s been a while. When was the last time you backed up your digital photos to a secondary storage device? If the answer is ‘never,’ you’re not alone. Many people, even those who are impeccably organized in other aspects of their lives, often hide a digital mess behind locked screens. I’m here to change that, and I invite you to join me on that mission!

We are at a crossroads when it comes to our photos and home movies. Some of us have boxes full of analog tapes and Kodak prints, usually stored somewhere out of sight. Others have flash drives or unlabeled hard drives full of digital files that haven’t been viewed in years. CDs and DVDs are becoming obsolete. And just try to find a floppy disk reader nowadays! It’s not going to be easy. Consolidating all these memories into a complete legacy can be a daunting task, but the time to act is now, before all that old technology fails.

The files that may be lurking on your devices

As a Personal Photo Organizer, I specialize in organizing digital photos as well as other files that may be lurking on your devices. It’s my job to make sure that clients’ family histories are organized, safe, and preserved so that they can be carried down from generation to generation. It’s an incredibly rewarding job to have because I get to see firsthand what kind of impact my work has on those I help. I get to be the fly on the wall in people’s lives.

In many cases, projects are filled with mutually teaching moments that validate the work I do. Among the many examples that stand out is one client’s grandson who was nervous about starting kindergarten. My client shared her concerns with me, and in an effort to help him, we created a photo book that he could carry with him on the first day to show his teacher and classmates. It was an incredible confidence booster for him, and he got so excited about showing if off that he couldn’t wait to go to school. Isn’t that amazing?

Showing photos can make a difference

Another client was the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient who wanted to see if showing photos to her mom every day would make a difference. It did. Her mother made wonderful progress, and my client was overjoyed. You see, a photo is an incredibly powerful tool, if used correctly. What type of difference could they make in your life?

Photo organization sounds simple, right? You put a few photos in a box. How hard is that? Sure, there are a few files are on the computer, but why would you need a Pro to come in and fix anything? Both are good questions with long answers. You see, what seems very straightforward on the surface is actually quite complicated.

When you try to find and scan thousands of printed photos, you first have to get it all together in one place. For many, that’s a big hurdle. When you then add thousands of digital files to the mix, and pair them with different devices, dual platforms, different operating systems, irregular file naming conventions, and inconsistent backup strategies, it can become quite a tangled web that most don’t feel equipped to tackle themselves. Who wants to experiment with their precious memories, after all? And even if the knowhow is there, who has the time? Everyone has photos. Nearly everyone has digital files, so it’s a much needed service in a niche that just keeps growing.

It takes time to organize your memories

Organizing memories is like organizing anything else. It takes time, planning, and a genuine effort for the project to be successful. It also tends to be quite an emotional experience for those involved because there are so many memories that suddenly surface. Reflecting on one’s life isn’t always easy either, especially not for those who have experienced losses or tragedies of some kind. It requires sensitivity and a high level of emotional intelligence to help clients overcome those hurdles and move them towards their goals. It isn’t always a walk in the park, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A disorganized photo collection is a snowballs that gains momentum every day. We take hundreds of photos a month, often several a day. The longer you wait to tackle the storage of all those files, the bigger the mess will get. Buying a new phone with more storage isn’t going to solve the problem. So I encourage you to start thinking about the status quo of your own photo life, and ask yourself what you would change about it. Would you share more? Save less? Create something? And if your answer to any one of those questions is YES!, I invite you to visit me over at for some inspiration on how to get started!

Let’s get those photos organized!

Caroline Guntur (formerly Nilsson) is a Swedish Certified Photo Organizer and Personal Historian, specializing in digital organizing and family history. She is the owner of The Swedish Organizer, LLC, a company that provides customized family history solutions to clients all over the world. Caroline also hosts webinars, workshops, and creates online courses.


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